3 Tips For Small Businesses To Attract More Talented Employees

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3 Tips For Small Businesses To Attract More Talented Employees

Are you the owner of a small business? Are you trying to grow your business by hiring more employees so that you can get more clients or customers? Trying to grow from a handful of employees to a dozen or more can be a difficult time for many small businesses. At this point, you probably don't have the sort of reputation that will make highly qualified people clamor to work for you. At the same time, you may also not have the budget to attract high-profile employees either.

Fortunately, this may not be necessary. There are many other things that you can do to attract and compensate employees, things that a consultation company can help you to discover. Some of the things that they might suggest include:

Extra time off: Good compensation strategies aren't just about the money. Employees with younger children will appreciate having extra days that they can call out sick, whether due to personal illness or because their child isn't feeling well. They'll also appreciate being able to schedule unpaid personal time off so they can attend events at their child's school or otherwise participate in family activities. Although there might be a slight drop in productivity while the employee is gone, this should be more than made up for by the enthusiasm that employees show for their job when they are working. A good consultation company will help you to find the right balance between the needs of your company and the needs of your employees.

Work from home: If your company is technology-based, one of the biggest perks that you can offer is for your employees to be able to work from home for a few days a week. This is one of the best compensation strategies that a business can choose because it can actually save or even make money as a result. For instance, consider two employees. One works from home Monday-Wednesday and then works in the office Thursday-Saturday. The other employee does the opposite, working in-office Monday-Wednesday and works from home Thursday-Saturday. This strategy means that the two employees can share the same office space and even the same computer, saving the company money.

Wellness programs: Healthy employees are an asset to the company in the form of fewer days off work and higher productivity all around. As a small company, one of your compensation strategies could be to offer a wellness program for your employees. If you work with a local gym, you may be able to get a company membership for all of your employees at a significantly reduced price. A professional consultation company may already know which gym or gyms in your area are going to be the most open to this sort of partnership. And you could then further enhance the program by offering small stipends or bonuses for losing weight or for biking to work instead of driving. 

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