The Purpose Of Smoke Control System Testing: Why Is It A Necessity?

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The Purpose Of Smoke Control System Testing: Why Is It A Necessity?

As a commercial property owner, the right steps should always be followed to ensure the safety of those who live, work, or visit the property for one reason or another. An unfortunate fire can happen at unexpected moments, causing major damage to the building and potentially causing people to lose their lives if a proper smoke control system isn't put into place. Because you want to protect those inside the building from such a traumatic event, you'll need to have the building's smoke control system tested and redesigned.

What Is the Purpose of Smoke Control System Testing?

A smoke control system is a system designed to keep fire and smoke in place rather than making it easy for the smoke and fire to rapidly spread throughout a building. If the fire and smoke are confined to a specific area, more people will have time to get out of the building unharmed before it has time to spread out to any of the other rooms and floors. Not all systems are the same. The design of the system primarily depends on the layout of the building.

Some of the different components of a smoke control system include:

  • Smoke detectors. The detectors should be placed on every floor and throughout different rooms inside the building to quickly detect the presence of smoke and make people aware of it as quickly as possible.
  • HVAC system. The HVAC system is used to produce a lot of cool air that will keep the smoke flowing in one direction while preventing it from spreading around to different parts of the building.
  • Exhaust Fan. The exhaust fan is used at the top of a building to help release several layers of smoke.

These are a few of the components that may be used during the smoke control system design phase for any building.

Why Do These Systems Need to Get Tested?

It's important to have smoke control system tests taking place every so often. If the smoke control system was designed and installed inside the building several years ago, updates may need to be made, especially if some renovations were made to the building. The only way to know if your building is properly protected with the right smoke control system is to have it tested out by the professionals to make sure it's installed in such a way that it may protect the lives of people while preventing a lot of damage.

If you're a commercial property owner, make sure you have a smoke control system installed inside the building for the sake of those who live there, work there, or even shop there. Not only should you have a proper system put in place, but you should have it tested regularly to make sure it's still the most effective way to prevent a major disaster.

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