Ready To Go Global With Your Company? What You Need To Do First

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Ready To Go Global With Your Company? What You Need To Do First

It is an exciting moment when you realize that your company is big enough to become an international company. Profits can support overseas construction and operations. Yet, how much do you know about global trade compliance? A lot of business owners that start a company from their garages, basements, and home office spaces and erupt into a national company never quite make the leap internationally because they do not know how to comply with international trade rules. Here is what you need to do next before picking out a company locale and another country in which to establish a foothold for your company. 

​Hire a Consultant Who Definitely Knows International Trade Compliance 

​You are going to need a lot of help from someone that definitely knows all there is to know to taking a company international. There are consultants and consultant companies that can show you exactly where to go to get the most out of this momentous occasion, and what you can expect when you arrive there. You have to follow all of the local customs, honor and respect those in power, and never import or export anything on that country's banned list.

There are so many ins and outs, especially with establishing a company location in Africa, Middle Eastern nations, Asia, and Indochina. Without someone to guide you and get it all right, you could get kicked out of that country (at best) or have company property seized and be charged with millions of dollars in fines (at worst). Your consultant is more or less your global legal attache. 

​Pick a Locale That Makes Sense

​If your company produces electronics, Asian countries are ideal because there are dozens of electronics assembly companies that can assist you with assembling your products. Producing incredible jewelry with gold, diamonds, and other stones makes Africa a good choice for your company because that is where a lot of the world's gold and diamonds come from. If your company does real estate, Europe is a good choice because of all of the prime plots of land still available there. (Do not forget to ask for input from the global trade consultant you hired, who is sure to have some really good ideas on where to put down roots for a branch of your company.) The most important thing is to visit other countries to pick just the right spot to establish global trade and commerce. 

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