A Staffing Service Could Find A New Employee Whose Peripheral Skills Count For A Lot

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A Staffing Service Could Find A New Employee Whose Peripheral Skills Count For A Lot

Staffing agencies provide businesses with access to preferable employees. Finding the right talent to come onboard at your business isn't always easy. Even when you have a broad-picture idea about who to hire, locating that person may prove challenging. A staffing agency handles all the legwork for you. The agency might even find someone who also possesses valuable peripheral talents. Tech and website knowledge aren't required skills for a mailroom clerk. However, hiring a mailroom clerk who maintains those skills can be a big plus. So, why not let the staffing agency look for skills beyond the job description's primary ones?

Added Duties and Increased Staff Support

Since small businesses benefit from multitasking employees, think about all the ways an employee can help. Anyone with a decent knowledge of online promotions can be an asset. Is there any business that wouldn't benefit from an active social media page? Even though keeping social media content up-to-date helps drive business, many small business owners aren't familiar with these platforms. Budget limitations may prevent them from outsourcing duties to a marketing firm. 

So, when someone with an active and popular Instagram profile applies for the job of a receptionist, think of the value they may bring. While not their primary duty, the clerk could provide additional insights and help with with the business' inactive social media pages. 

The Staffing Service Looks Out for Your Company

Reading a resume isn't about skimming for things that stand out. The reviewer must examine the resume to figure out the applicant's full value. That sometimes ignored section on "hobbies and interests" might reveal additional skills. During an interview, an opportunity exists to explore the applicant's background and potential contributions further. 

When you are unable to effectively screen resumes and interview would-be employees, you won't likely uncover the peripheral skills someone possesses. Working with a staffing service, however, leaves the other responsibilities to someone who won't overlook anything positive.

Employers: Undergo an Interview 

Small business owners wishing the staffing service looks closer at peripheral skills might want to to speak at length with a representative. Perhaps it would be best to allow a staffing agency rep to interview you about different facets of the business. The rep might uncover some areas where you could use a little extra help. The added insight could then factor in the screening and hiring process. The result might see your company hire its most helpful employee ever.

For more information, contact a staffing office in your area.

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